The 2Train project (training of train drivers in safety-relevant issues with validated and integrated computer-based technology) has been solved within the programme of the 6th framework scientific & research programme - Priority FP6-2005-Transport-4 "Sustainable development, global change and ecosystems". The term of the project duration is 36 months (September 1, 2006 - September 30, 2009).

The main coordinator is the University of Würzburg IZVW - Centre for Traffic Sciences. Among other partners are company operating rail transport (CD, DB AG and SNCF), prominent European manufacturers of simulators (UPM, CORYS T.E.S.S. and Kraus-MaffeiWegmann), as well as research institutions and universities (The Jan Perner Institute, The Rail Training Institute and the University of Passau).

Total costs of the project for the entire project term will exceed € 3.7 million, whilst EU grant will be over € 2.1 million.

Since July 1, 2009, also the company CD Cargo, a.s. became one of the project partners. The company is responsible for the completion of the last work package No. 5, i.e. production of last final reports on the entire course of the project implementation, as well as for the provision of recommendation what direction the education of train drivers shall take in the future.

Main project goals

Based on the past years' experiences, the aim of the 2TRAIN project is the elaboration of European standards for the training of train drivers, and the provision of the most convenient manual for efficient application of training technologies for the enhancement of safety, utilizing the newest computer technology.  The initial point of the 2TRAIN project was a comparative (benchmarking) study of the training technology, content, models and methods that have already been used in Europe.

In order to harmonize the diversified current training technologies and facilitation of the standardized evaluation of train drivers, a common data interface will be created to be established in three simulation pilots (Spanish / French / German).  Besides that, an e-learning tutorial pilot (Czech Republic) - CBT modules - will be implemented. In Phase II, common simulation CBT scenarios and modules will be created that will be focused mainly on the training of qualification and ability of crisis management for acting in rarely occurring emergency situations. The actual conduct of the training attendees will be compared to the defined target behaviour. Results will be saved in the evaluation database.

The actual state and description of individual parts of the project implementation are published regularly in the Scientific-Technical Bulletin of the Czech Railways. Papers that have been published so far:

  •  Volume 1 - VTS 24 "Main methods of using simulators for train drivers - bulletin of first outcomes of the 2Train project";
  • Volume 2 - VTS 26 "Ceske drahy, a.s. (Czech Railways, joint stock company) extend education by new technologies.. The development of e-learning courses is in the final phase";
  • Volume 3 - VTS 27 "Quality assessment of new education technologies within the  2Train project for train drivers is coming to an end".

Project termination

The project was terminated as of December 31, 2009, by handover of all final reports describing the complete course of the project, including the evaluation of achieving the project goals to the responsible employees of the European Commission. It can be summarized that the main project goals have been met.  The systems of training evaluation for train drivers on simulator were developed within the project, without restricting national specifications of the requirements for train drivers' conduct. A collection of e-learning was developed in the Czech environment that has become the basis for the overall conception of distance learning in the companies CD, a.s. and CD Cargo, a.s.

Individual outcomes of the scientific and development part of the project are summarized in two English reports.

The latter mentioned represents a brief extract of the final reports presented to the European Commission.  The translation of the documents has currently been in progress.

The project guarantor for CD Cargo, a.s. is: Mgr. Dusan Pouzar, Human Resources Section, on: dusan.pouzar@cdcargo.cz.


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