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Current information of ČD Cargo on the epidemiological situation

In recent days, the Government of the Czech Republic has taken a number of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus Covid-19. In this context, we would like to inform our customers that ČD Cargo freight trains are operated without major operational difficulties at the moment, including international freight trains traveling to Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia. All operational staff entering other countries is provided with the necessary documents to enable their work to run smoothly. We also have no problems reported from cooperating carriers.

An exception is the Olomouc region, where the Regional Hygiene Station of Olomouc has decided to prohibit leaving the territory of, inter alia, Litovel, Uničov and Červenka. At the tariff points Červenka, Litovel, Litovel suburb and Uničov, the unloading and loading of wagon consignments has been stopped.

In connection with the adoption of emergency measures, we would like to draw our customers' attention to the fact that at the moment we have sufficient personnel, locomotive and vehicle capacity to cover even extraordinary transport requirements. Contact our sales managers.
We will keep you informed about further developments as well as any traffic restrictions.


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