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ČD Cargo has started testing a new application for train drivers

Our company ČD Cargo unofficially started testing a new application for train drivers yesterday. It will inform them via the tablet about the current track conditions at the places of travel of their train. Drivers will soon receive a long-awaited tool that combines information from tabular timetables and digitized track conditions tables issued by the Railway Administration.

As part of the DISAF project (DIgital SAfety First), ČD Cargo was selected for pilot verification of the application. During the year, the parent company Czech Railways will also take part. All our drivers should have the application available by the end of this year. From the user's point of view, the application works similarly to car navigation - the driver will be notified of changes that have occurred on the lines.

As part of the presentation ride, the application was presented to representatives of the Railway Administration, Czech Railways and the carrier Metrans Rail. All participants agreed that its deployment will mean a significant increase in safety on the Czech tracks.


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