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The Fleet of Vectrons of ČD Cargo is complete

On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, ČD Cargo took over the last three locomotives of the 383 series from the representatives of Siemens. The transfer took place at the SOKV Ústí nad Labem area. The delivery of the locomotives, together with the 009 engine, was realised on the basis of a contract signed in August last year.

Engines numbered 009, 010, 011 and 012 are waiting for technical and safety runs in Hungary and Poland in the coming weeks after which they will be put into regular operation immediately. It will be possible to meet them on the domestic or German lines but also at the head of ČD Cargo freight trains in Austria.

Vectron locomotives do not need to be introduced; the first eight engines of this series have already been a solid part of our locomotive fleet. They are characterized by high interoperability and reliability.


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