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Celebrating 60 years of military transport

On the 26th of October, celebration of 60 years od military transport took place in the Jaslo barracks in Stará Boleslav. ČD Cargo participated in the celebration as one of the most important partners. The event included a static demonstration of the vehicles used by military operators, including the railway vehicles, as well as a dynamic demonstration of the construction of the UNOR universal steel loading ramp on one of the tracks of the nearby railway station.

As part of the morning program of the celebrations, a number of expert lectures were given regarding both the history of military transport and its current role within NATO. One of the presentations related to cooperation with ČD Cargo in transporting soldiers and their equipment for exercises or foreign missions.

There was also an award ceremony for important figures in military logistics. The chairman of the board of ČD Cargo, Mr. Tomáš Tóth, also received a commemorative medal. "I appreciate the award very much and I'm glad that ČD Cargo is a reliable partner for our soldiers," commented Tomáš Tóth.


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