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There is always something going on, on the railway. This is the place where you can find the most recent information not only about what is happening in our company CD Cargo, but also various interesting affairs taking place on the traffic market, and other.


Transport of tram sleepers

From 7 to 11 December last year, ČD Cargo carried out another transport for the Prague Transport Company. New concrete sleepers for the reconstruction of the tram line in Kolbenova street in Prague arrived from Uherský Ostroh to Prague by rail.

Sleepers from the production of the ŽPSV Uherský Ostroh factory were sent to the Praha-Libeň destination in two groups in Eas wagons. At the destination station, they were transshipped to road vehicles that transported them directly to the construction site.

Transport of 650 tons of concrete products saved 27 truck trips from southern Moravia to Prague on the overloaded D1 motorway.


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