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There is always something going on, on the railway. This is the place where you can find the most recent information not only about what is happening in our company CD Cargo, but also various interesting affairs taking place on the traffic market, and other.

Transports of the KIROW crane

In the past week, ČD Cargo realized for the customer SWIETELSKY Rail an interesting transport of the KIROW KRC 800 crane on the Břeclav - Karviná main station line. Apart from the crane, the set included additional accompanying and protective wagons.

The speed of this extraordinary consignment was limited to 70 km / h, so the transport was done during the evening and night hours.

From Karviná the crane continued to Cheb, again with ČD Cargo. Cranes of this type are used in lock-out works, for example for handling bridge constructions or switches.


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