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ČD Cargo's locomotive called “six-axle”

ČD Cargo´s 182.168 locomotive called “six-axle” was one of the first locomotives repaired in the range of R1, in the repair centre in Přerov. Varnishing was also part of the R1 repair. Following the media success of the 130.027 locomotive in historical colors, this locomotive was also painted in these colors.

A few days ago, the 182.168 locomotive left the repair centre, as it did in 1965 the production plant in Pilsen. We wish this locomotive many kilometers and a lot of happy photographers who will be able to take pictures of it running on our tracks.

The "six-axle" is not the last locomotive, which will be operated in historic colors at ČD Cargo. The locomotive 122.001 is now in the repair centre and should appear at the head of our trains soon.

Photo: Vladimír Hranoš


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