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ŽESNAD Association organized a conference in Špindlerův mlýn

The 3rd Conference of the Professional Association of Railway Freight Carriers - ŽESNAD.CZ - was held on the 23rd of May at the Harmony Hotel in Špindlerův Mlýn. The conference also hosted the 16th meeting of the ŽESNAD Bureau and the 3rd General Meeting of this organization.

The introductory word was taken by the president of the association, Martin Hořínek, who was followed by the Member of the Czech Parliament Martin Kolovratník and the Czech Deputy Minister of Transport Ladislav Němec. Martin Kolovratník highlighted the importance of the association ŽESNAD as a regular partner for creation of the legislative framework for rail freight transport.

The first conference block was focused on infrastructure, so it is clear that Jiří Svoboda, the CEO of SŽDC, also took the first presentation. He spoke about the measures taken to increase the capacity of the railway line along the right bank of the Elbe river and on the concept of marshalling yards and on the successful cooperation with ŽESNAD in the matter of the hybrid model for charging traction energy.

The conference was held in the spirit of the slogan "Minimum of presentations, maximum of passionate discussion". The most vigorous debate concerned the ETCS implementation. Interesting questions were also raised on the financing the development of infrastructure after 2021 or on the language skills of engine drivers. The conference was concluded by the Vice-President of ŽESNAD and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČD Cargo, Ivan Bednárik, who thanked all participants and pointed out the activities of the Rail Freight Forum, of which ČD Cargo is also a member.


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