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Cancellation of the part of the procurement procedures for ETCS equipment of locomotives

On the 28th of May 2018, ČD Cargo cancelled four procurement procedures for the delivery and installation of the mobile part of the ETCS safety device into selected driving vehicles. During the year 2018, altogether 6 procurement procedures to equip the locomotives with ETCS are in progress.

With the four procurement procedures, the tenderers did not fully comply with the terms of the procurement procedure and the Act on the Public Procurement. This formal deficiency causes the risk of infringement of the legal procedures if continuing in the procurement procedure. After considering all the risks associated with it, including co-financing from the European CEF funding instrument, the contracting authority has decided to cancel these procurement procedures and to launch new procedures. ČD Cargo estimates approximately two-month delays associated with this fact.

Ivan Bednárik, Chairman of the Board of Directors, adds: "It is a very unpleasant finding for us, but the exposure to infringement of the legal procedures and the possible reduction of the grant is so high that we have to cancel the procurement procedures and launch new ones. We were at the stage of the procurement procedure, where all the processed documents, both on the part of the contracting authority and on the part of the tenderers, can be used as a base for the new procurement procedure. We are pleased with the interest of potential suppliers and we firmly believe that this delay will not affect the overall implementation time of the subsidized project. The ETCS equipment of the locomotives is our priority."


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