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Army on railway

In the second week of July, ČD Cargo provided transport of troop and military equipment from Podbořany to Lithuania for a half-year mission.

Members of the Enforced Forward Presence Alliance EFP will be trained in Lithuania along with their Dutch and German colleagues. The base of the unit consists of a mechanized company with Pandur armoured vehicles reinforced by an engineer platoon, a logistic unit and a medical element.

Troop transport by rail from Podbořany to the Polish station Suwałki, where unloading takes place, was significantly complicated by lock-outs. Therefore, two of the trains had to leave Podbořany via Blatno near Jesenice and Rakovník to Prague, then they continued on the main line to Ostrava and Poland.

Foto: praporčík František Němec 2x, Ryszard Rusak


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