ČD Cargo and CZ LOKO have signed a contract for upgrade of further locomotives of series 742

The subject of the contract is modernization of a total of 25 locomotives of the 742 series to series 742.71 (EffiShunter 1000M). The modernization will take place in 2023 – 2024. The locomotives are practically of the same type to the previous 50-pieces batch.

By signing the contract, we build on the previous good cooperation in the supply not only of modernized locomotives of series 742.71, but also of series 744 and 753.6. The upgraded engines are more efficient both in mainline service and in shunting. Improvement in the comfort will be appreciated also by our drivers,” says Tomáš Tóth, Chairman of the Board of ČD Cargo.

The upgraded locomotives have an output of 1 000 kW and can be operated on lines in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They are also equipped with the ETCS train control system. „This is our classic modernization when only the main frame and bogies remain of the original locomotives. These will undergo a major overhaul with several modifications,” describes the process Jan Kutálek, Sales Director and Member of the Board of CZ LOKO. „The rest of the vehicle is new with the main structural units – the block of the dynamic brake, the cabin, the engine generator set, cooling, etc.,” adds Mr. Kutálek.


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