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ČD Cargo welcomed customers in Harrachov

On November 8, the 15th annual trade fair of ČD Cargo took place in Harrachov. This year's participation was really a record - the invitation was accepted by 200 representatives of companies closely cooperating with ČD Cargo.

The conference was traditionally opened by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČD Cargo, Mr. Ivan Bednárik, and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ČD Cargo and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČD, Mr. Miroslav Kupec, also gave a speech. There was a strong response to the performance of David Marek, the chief economist of Deloitte Advisory. In his presentation, he analyzed the macroeconomic factors that will influence us in the coming years, including automation and robotization of work. Potential for automation in the Czech Republic is estimated at 51% of jobs. Oldřich Sládek, managing director of ŽESNAD.CZ, informed about the activities of this association which aims to reduce the financial and administrative burden on the business of its members and influence the development of the railway network.

Mr. Miroslav Jasenčák from SŽDC presented the major traffic closures on the Czech railway network in 2019 and talked also about the way of traffic management. Ms. Liliana Krutonog, East / Asia Transport Manager, presented the possibilities of transport on the New Silk Road. This was followed by a speech by the Chief Executive Officer of ČD Cargo, Mr. Tomáš Tóth, who talked about the renewal of the fleet, the expansion of ČD Cargo to foreign markets and also about suggestions for improving the work with the customers by introducing a new transport model. Then came the long-awaited presentation of the Sales Department Director, Ms. Vlasta Slavíková, concerning the ČD Cargo's business and pricing strategy for year 2019.

Mr. Bednárik handed the certificate of the socially responsible company to the director of the joint-stock company Rašelina from Soběslav, Mr. Jaroslav Beran. This company has transferred peat transports from road to rail in a very significant volume this year.


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