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Further modernization of the ČD Cargo fleet

On 19 January 2018, ČD Cargo launched an international tender to supply up to fifty multi-system and up to five diesel locomotives. The conditions of the tender guarantee that ČD Cargo will purchase ten electric and three diesel locomotives. Further orders will be subject to an option. The locomotives must be new or not more than one year old, with ČD Cargo being their first operator.

The electric locomotives are required to operate on 3 kV DC, 15 kV 16.7 Hz AC and 25 kV 50 Hz AC systems and must have an output of at least 5 500 kW under the AC traction and 5 000 kW in the DC mode. The three diesel locomotives are required to have an output of at least 2 400 kW. All locomotives must be applicable for operation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Austria. Within three months from their delivery, they must also be equipped for operation in Hungary and, in the case of the electric locomotives, also in Poland. All of the locomotives will be equipped with ETCS. The deadline for submission of offers is 22 February 2018.


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