The "ČD Cargo Anything - Anywhere" photo competition has a winner

It is Lubomír Podlaha with a photograph of the Vectron 383.004.

The second place went to Filip Slíva with a photo of the siding operator in Paskov..

Lukáš Růžička took the third place with a photo of the locomotive nicknamed “hrbatá”.

Thank you to everyone who sent us photos for the photo competition "ČD Cargo Anything - Anywhere". The selection of the winning photographs was not easy for the jury at all. Given the really large number of photos you sent us, we decided to appreciate the 4th and 5th place as well.

The fourth place belongs to Jakub Makovský for a photo of the "manipulák" train near Blatná.

The last evaluated photo is a photo from Podkrkonoší taken by Tomáš Burik in 5th place.

Congratulations to the winners!! Other successful photographs were selected for the ČD Cargo desktop calendar, which we will of course send to the authors of these photographs. And you, whose photos have not been placed or not selected for the calendar - we hope that you will still participate again next year!


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