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Sludges again on the track

In the middle of April this year the pilot transport of sludges from the redeveloped lagoons in Ostrava (the former Ostramo plant) took place. The purpose of the redevelopment works in this locality is to remove about 90,000 tons of sludge. Sludges are loaded into Innofreight containers, which are then closed and transferred to railway wagons.

From Ostrava mined sludges is transported by railway by regular train formation to the Nové Sedlo u Lokte station, where Sokolovská uhelná burns them in the gas plant in Vřesová. Here, a unique technology is used against air pollution. About 200 tons of sludge should be handled in Vřesová every day.

Sludges should be removed from Ostrava by the end of this year.


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