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Telemetric cars and pilots for TÚDC

Based on the successful procurement procedure, ČD Cargo is also this year responsible for the transportation of telemetric cars for SŽDC - Technical Centre of Infrastructure (TÚDC). It concerns transportation of telemetric cars that monitor the superstructure (MV ŽSv) and the radio signal (ERTMS) as well as the carriage of the car with geo-radar for the measurement of the ballast condition (GPR) and the evaluation car of SŽDC. Estimated revenue is CZK 10 million crowns.

For the following three years, ČD Cargo will also be providing pilots – ČD Cargo employees, who have valid knowledge of the lines and local conditions for shunting at the respective stations and thus they complement the driver of the relevant telemetric train. Apart from the MV ŽSV and MV GPR, they also cooperate in driving the telemetric track inspection vehicle, the photogrammetric machine and the measuring vehicle of cross-sectional clearance – all according to specific TÚDC orders. The total planned volume of pilots' work is almost CZK 7 million.


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