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You enjoyed the National Railway Day

September is traditionally the month when the railwaymen together with the fans of the track commemorate the anniversary of the first public train ride in the world in 1825. This year, the National Railway Day took place in České Budějovice.

ČD Cargo took a significant part in the realization of this celebration, as the event took place on the premises of the Rolling stocks repair center of our company.

Na oslavách byla k vidění celá řada zajímavých kolejových vozidel, ČD nabídly návštěvníkům řadu možností svezení ve zvláštních parních vlacích.

There was also a great interest in an excursion to the local heating plant, which consumes up to 300,000 tons of coal a year, which is transported by ČD Cargo.

ČD and ČD Cargo also dispatched several special freight trains intended for photography, which were very popular among the railway enthusiasts.


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