ČD Cargo on its own license in Slovakia

On 20 June 2020 Slovakia became another country in which ČD Cargo carries out transports on its own license. At 2:30, a train with LKW Walter semi-trailers crossed the state border at Lanžhot, heading from Rostock to a transhipment point in Curtici, Romania. At the head of the train to the Slovak-Hungarian border crossing station Rajka was the locomotive 230.096 of ČD Cargo. On the return journey on 21 June, the train was transported by a locomotive 230,056 through Slovakia.

In the recent past, ČD Cargo provided Slovak transport through Carborail, a company with ČD Cargo´s ownership interest. Now, after the sale of a stake in this company and after completing the process of obtaining a license and other necessary documents, transport will be provided through a 100% subsidiary of ČD Cargo CD Cargo Slovakia. It should soon become a holder of a license for Hungarian lines. ČD Cargo thus continues its expansion into foreign markets, from which it expects an increase in sales, as well as a strengthening of its position in the Central European market.


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