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Change of rules on the use of the transit procedure for the carriage of goods by rail

On 1 May 2019, a change takes effect in the rules on the use of the Union transit procedure based on documents for goods carried by rail.

From now on, rail companies will not be granted the guarantee waiver, as laid down in Article 95 of Commission Regulation 2913/92. More information.


Wood chips from Kaliningrad region came to the Czech Republic

In March of this year ČD Cargo representatives established the first contacts with representatives of the RŽD Kaliningrad Railway. One month later, a meeting between the Chief of the Kaliningrad Railways and the managing board of ČD Cargo and CD Cargo Poland took place, which led to the contract for the organization of transports between OAO RŽD and CD Cargo Poland. At the end of June, this partnership brought the first concrete results.

On June 29, a set of 19 Sgnss wagons with 54 XXL containers (Innofreight) left the Czech Republic and continued through the Braniewo / Mamonovo border crossing to the Dzerzhinskaja-Novaja terminal. The containers were loaded with wood chips there.

On July 9, after all the necessary legislative formalities had been completed, the train with wood chips arrived at the Hněvice station and was brought to unloading on MONDI's siding. In total, more than 2,000 m3 of chips were transported in this connection.

ČD Cargo is the first company offering Innofreight technology on the Russian market. Trains with chips to the Czech Republic should depart from Kaliningrad twice a month.


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