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Strategy of Development of Czech Railways

On Wednesday, November 8, a conference was held at the headquarters of the Railway Infrastructure Administration in Prague, organized in cooperation with the Jan Perner Transport Faculty of the University of Pardubice. The main theme was the Czech railways development strategy. A total of twelve interesting contributions were made on the current topics. Libor Lochman, CEO of the CER, informed the audience about trends in the development of European railways, highlighting the fact that Czech railway infrastructure has very good position compared to other European Union countries and talked about EU regulatory measures in relation to rail and road transport. Very interesting was the performance of Jiří Pohl from Siemens, s.r.o., who talked about sustainable multimodal mobility. He concluded by saying that the future of transport is not about competition, but about the co-operation of individual modes of transport.

ČD Cargo was represented by the Sales Promotion Director Michal Roh, who informed the present about the issue of the transport of individual wagons and the possibilities of its support. His delegation, in the form of Executive Director Oldřich Sládek, had at the conference also the association of railway carriers ŽESNAD.


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