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Successfully carried trains through the Vojtanov

DB Netz, the manager of the German railway infrastructure, continued the major two-week repair of the corridor from the state border to Pirna. All the time from Friday evening until Monday was this sectioncompletely closed. Such closures always bring considerable complications, the extra costs associated with securing the transport of trains along the diversion routes.

The well-proven solution is the use of the Vojtanov/Bad Brambach border crossing. However, this can only be used for a limited number of trains in terms of capacity. ČD Cargo has made the most of this opportunity. In total, we have, in cooperation with the German carriers, transported 51 block trains for eight days.

At the Vojtanov/Bad Brambach border crossing was diverted also train with LKW Walter trailers from Rostock to Brno, which was hauled by Vectron 383.006 on the 27th of November from Cheb to Brno. Ladislav Fric caught him between Málkov stop and Dubina junction.


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