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The trade fair in Munich was successful

In the second week of May (9. – 12. 5. 2017), one of Europe's largest trade fairs took place in Munich. The theme of this year's edition was the digital future of transport. The fair was therefore also focused on telematics, eBusiness or Supply Chain Management. Over 60,000 visitors (up 9%) in Munich could meet more than 2,000 exhibitors from 62 countries. The Czech Republic had a rich representation of carriers, forwarders and many other entities in Munich. ČD Cargo could not miss this event as well.

A number of meetings took place at the common stand of ČD Cargo and its subsidiaries. ČD Cargo business managers had the opportunity to meet with their partners in Munich, with cooperating carriers and potential customers. A number of discussion forums took place within the fair. One of the panel discussions was attended by Commercial Director of ČD Cargo Vlasta Slavíková, who responded to the discussion about new technologies at ČD Cargo or other possibilities of using Czech railway corridors for freight transport.

Very exciting was the outdoor exposition, especially thanks to the innovations in intermodal transport. Undoubtedly the most interesting were wagons of Innofreight technology. The Sggrrs 80´ wagon with superstructure for timber transport which holds up to 28.9 tonnes of goods represents a modern, versatile and flexible wood transport solution. It also allows the use of wood pallets. Other literally hot news was introduced, of which the most interesting was the superstructure for the transport of coils of wires. The Innofreight system, however, allows the transport of palletised goods, loose materials, chemical products and other goods.


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