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Trains from Yiwu to Lovosice fully directed by ČD Cargo

On the 12th of May 2018, the first block train with containers from Yiwu in China arrived to the Czech Republic. This is the third train, although the first one fully directed by ČD Cargo. Further trains will be sent from Yiwu once a week on Wednesday. Arrival at the Lovosice terminal is scheduled on Tuesday. Of course everything depends on the current volumes order.

The train was terminated at the ČD-DUSS Terminal in Lovosice, where the containers were transferred to trucks and delivered to the final customers. Trucking for the largest customer of the train is provided by another subsidiary of ČD Cargo - ČD Logistics.

In this case, the transport time was record with only 13 days. Realization of this regular connection is the result of ČD Cargo negotiations, particularly the East-Asia Department with the Mayor of Yiwu City and other subjects, including the train operator on the Chinese territory.

At present, negotiations on backhaul capacity utilization are in full progress.


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