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Trial loading of sheet metal coils

On 9 January 2019, a trial loading of sheet metal coils into Innofreight prototypes called Coilpalette P28 on the Sggrrs wagon was carried out on the Arcelor Mittal Ostrava´s siding. Up to 6 pallets can be stacked per wagon. During the test loading, coils weighing 18,5 – 26,8 tons were used and it was verified that Coilpalette is suitable for stowing and securing sheet metal coils on the Sggrrs wagon.

Handling coils during loading and unloading is easier with the Coilpalette - the crane operator can overlook beyond the space of the entire wagon, moreover there is no need to handle the sidewalls as with the Shimms wagons. The advantage of course is also the lower weight of the wagon related with a higher load capacity, which enables better utilization of the wagon.

In the near future, these pallets should replace the previously used Eas, Res and Shimms wagon series in the carriage of sheet metal coils for Arcelor Mittal Ostrava.


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