Subsidiaries change their name

One of ČD Cargo's strategic goals is expansion to foreign markets. It exploits the potential of 100% owned foreign subsidiaries. To make relationship with parent company even more obvious, these companies are now renaming. Housing and contact details remain unchanged. ...

ČD Cargo traditional meeting with customers

On Thursday, 9th November, the Krkonoše mountain resort Harrachov hosted the traditional ČD Cargo autumn meeting with customers. More than a hundred guests attended the meeting this year. The conference was opened by Ivan Bednárik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČD Cargo. In the...

Strategy of Development of Czech Railways

On Wednesday, November 8, a conference was held at the headquarters of the Railway Infrastructure Administration in Prague, organized in cooperation with the Jan Perner Transport Faculty of the University of Pardubice. The main theme was the Czech railways development strategy. A total of twelve...

The service of the new terminal is provided by ČD Cargo

At the beginning of October 2017 a new container terminal was opened in Pardubice, Černá za Bory. The terminal is owned by the České přístavy (Czech Ports) company, but the service is provided by ČD Cargo. Monthly, approximately 20 block trains, mainly from Piraeus, are delivered to...

Maria Theresa went on a journey

In mid-October, a new product appeared in the offer of the ČD Cargo carrier. The train connecting the cities of Brno and Budapest was named after the the Austrian Archduke and the Bohemian and Hungarian Queen Maria Theresa. The first test train was on its way from Brno to Budapest on Friday,...


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ČD Cargo

It offers the transport of a wide array of goods ranging from raw materials to products with a high added value, transport of containers, special consignment, rental of railway wagons, railway siding services, and other transport services.