Specific education of corporate lecturers and employees (train drivers) in the area of technical knowledge of upgraded locomotives of company CD Cargo, a.s.

General project data

Registration number: CZ.1.04/1.1.04/B3.00289
Number and name of the call: B3, EDUCA IV
Number and name of the grant area: 1.1 Enhancement of adaptability of employees and competitiveness of enterprises
Number and name of priority axis: 1 Adaptability
Programme name: Human Resources and Employment Operational Programme

Project implementation period:  March 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Project budget: CZK 2,289,105.60
Grant from the funds of ESF and state budget: 2,289,105.60 CZK

Project objectives

The aim of the project is creation of a complex system of specific education of CD Cargo's employees involving tutorial of technical properties of two upgraded traction vehicles of the company 753.7 and 363.5).

The training is based on the Blended-learning concept that stems from an efficient combination of full (attendance) learning and electronic course, and further elements of e-learning.  The training itself is preceded by creation of the content of both courses and the tutorial material for the attendance learning; professional methodologists will train corporate lecturers (target group) who will then conduct attendance training of operating employees - train drivers (main target group).

The goal is deepening of the qualification of the target group members by means of further professional specific education, including preparation of corporate lecturers.

Within the project, the implementation team, supported by an external vendor, will create two electronic courses the content of which will focus on the visualisation of both traction vehicles with the support of interactive form of processing.

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