Actual review of valid certificates

ČD Cargo, a.s., owns the certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001 and AEO. The certification body of ČD Cargo, a.s., is SGS CZ s.r.o. accredited under the Swiss accreditation:




On 11 March 2016, ČD Cargo, a.s., received repeatedly the certificate of quality ISO 9001:2008 and certificate of environmental control system ISO 14001:2004

Independent certification company SGS CZ s.r.o.  issued the quality management system (QMS) within the field:

  • Business activities within the area of freight carriage by rail and transport  
  • Implementation of services within the area of freight carriage by rail and transport  
  • The operation of railway and the railway transport on the spur line
  • Maintenance and repairs of railway wagons and their parts  
  • Lease and hire of railway wagons.  

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At the same time, the certificate was issued of environmental management system (EMS) in the field:

  • Maintenance and repairs of railway wagons and their parts  

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The application and further development of the quality control system declares the interest of the management in:

  • focusing on the customer orientation and increasing its satisfaction,  
  • Providing the product compliant with the customer requirements and legislation regulations,  
  • Increasing the interest of employees in the fulfilment of the company tasks, create the motivating work environment,  
  • Evaluating the efficiency of the processes in the company and implement the measures for permanent improvement,  
  • Specifying and providing the required sources for the function provision and the quality management system development, fulfilment of the quality goals and contractual obligations of the company,  
  • Permanent improvement of the company image, and increase the competitiveness.  

In case of environmental management system, our company is interested in cooperating with the state administration bodies, regional and local administration, subcontractors and external companies performing the contractual obligations at workplaces ČD Cargo, a.s., and their activities can have a great impact on environment, and also with ČD Group companies, focusing on the communication with professionals and public.

From March 2016, ČD Cargo, a.s., has been certified according to standard OHSAS, the respective certificate OHSAS 18001:2007 was issued by SGS CZ s.r.o. for the certification area:

  • Business activities within the area of freight carriage by rail and transport  
  • Implementation of services within the area of freight carriage by rail and transport  
  • The operation of railway and the railway transport on the spur line
  • Maintenance and repairs of railway wagons and their parts  
  • Lease and hire of railway wagons.  

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The scope of certification SM BOZP (HSMS) is identical in case of the quality system (QMS).

Re-certification audit and subsequent inspection audits confirmed that the certified management systems as per ISO and OHSAS are implemented and improved in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

the company management by means of the control system fulfils the main tasks within the area of occupational health and safety:

  • Responsible approach regarding occupational health and safety,
  • Application of the OHS system as per standard ČSN OHSAS 18001:2007 as one of the devices for increasing the occupational health and safety,
  • Gradual risk identification, its evaluation, processing the plans for their elimination and inclusion in the goals and OHS programs,
  • Informing, becoming acquainted, and training of the employees with the work safety principles and the company main goals,
  • Communication within the area of OHS with the employees and their representatives, and with external subjects.  

ČD Cargo, a.s. received the highest level of certification AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) ‚Simplified customs procedures/ safety and security' as the third railway transport provider in Europe by the decision of the Customs Directory in České Budějovice on 24.09.09. On 01.11.2012 the justification by the Czech Republic Customs Administration was confirmed.  On 23.05.13, the priority of ČD Cargo, a.s., was awarded during the 53rd meeting of European customs administrations and member railways of the European Railway Association and Infrastructure Companies.

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On 2nd October 2017 our company was granted by the ECM Certificate - "Entity responsible for the maintenance" - from the Railway Authority. This is a certificate for the maintenance function and a cerfiticate fot the entity responsible for the maintenance. These certificates entitle the company ČD Cargo, a.s. to manage and maintain freight wagons. According to the existing EU legislation, it is not possible to perform these activities without the ECM Certificate.  These certificates are valid until 2 October 2022.  At ČD Cargo, a.s., the director of the maintenance and repairs department KV (O12) is responsible for the ECM.

ČD Cargo, a.s. has been the holder of the certificate SQAS - Safety & Quality Assessment System since March 2015. This is an assessment system of safety and quality in the field of transportation of dangerous goods. The SQAS Rail System (railway transport) is a system of assessing the quality, safety, environmental impact and compliance with the requirements of the chemical industry in the implementation of transport services provided in the form of a single unambiguous standard assessment, which is conducted by an independent accredited assessor - auditor.  It is a European assessment system used in road and railway transport, combined transport, maritime transport of bulk and packaged goods, in cleaning stations, in distribution, in storage terminal units, on barges and tugboats in the cooperation of companies with respect to the issue of dangerous chemicals.

In compliance with the certification standards, top management has announced the Quality Policy, Environmental Policy, Environmental Profile, Energy Policy and OHS Policy, which are based on the company values and mission.

General review of the systems, quality management method, procedures and specification of mutual effects between the processes are provided in the Quality manual. The process management was implemented in order to achieve maximum effectiveness and quality of implemented processes with the aim to fulfil the customer requirements and concurrently maintain the optimum company rentability.  The top document for the environmental control system is the EMS Manual, which guarantees the control systems' structure and is a reference to the documentation and legislation for complete fulfilment of ISO 14001:2004 standard requirements, and the management system of occupational health and safety according to the standard OHSAS 18001:2007 it is a document SM OHS Manual.


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