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Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board is the inspection body of the company which during its activity adheres to the Civil Code and other legal regulations, policies and principles and instructions approved by the General Assembly, unless in breach with the legal regulations.

The Supervisory Board within its competence supervises the performance of the Board of Directors and the performance of the business activities, makes statements as regards the business activities of the company and the states of its property designed for the negotiation by the General Assembly, makes statement as regards the proposal of annual business plan including the business strategy designed for approval by the Board of Directors.

Member of the Supervisory Board Radek Nekola
Member of the Supervisory Board Bc. Roman Onderka, MBA
Member of the Supervisory Board Doc. Ing. Lukáš Týfa, Ph.D.
Member of the Supervisory Board Bc. Marta Urbancová
Member of the Supervisory Board Ing. Michal VEREŠ, MBA


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