Adria train

The system and line trains are a special product of ČD Cargo for the transport of conventional wagon deliveries. They introduce fast and quality connection with the option of completing the deliveries in the collection stations. It includes the transport of goods from more dispatchers or for more recipients. It can be used by all customers with insufficient load for complete trains.

The principle of the trains can be specified using the example of the system train ADRIA, which connects the Ostrava region with the port of Rijeka. This route was used transporting large amounts of goods produced in North Moravian and Polish ironworks. The goods were originally transported as individual wagon deliveries, frequently heading from the Czech Republic via Čadca to Žilina. The transport was lengthy and ineffective.
The system train ADRIA concentrated the deliveries into one complex. The costs were significantly reduced and the transport period was also significantly reduced to the current 45 hours.

The system train ADRIA travels several times in a month from the Czech Republic (North Moravia) to Croatia (eventually Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina). The train route is Ostrava – Břeclav – Rajka – Gyékényes – Koprivnica – Rijeka Luka.



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