BreZa train

Connection from the Czech Republic to Slovenia and back

Transport route

  • Břeclav - Ljubljana Zalog - Koper
  • Running time 12 hours; 20 hours to Koper
  • Regular departures three times a week

Comprehensive services

  • Rail and follow-up road transport
  • Provision of customs services
  • Monitoring of consignments throughout the carriage

Conditions of carriage

  • Carriage of conventional single wagon loads with all kinds of goods
  • Carriage of containers
  • Carriage of dangerous goods (RID)
  • Option of carriage of single wagon loads and groups of wagons
  • Distribution of consignments from Ljubljana to Italy, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Distribution of consignments from Břeclav to the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia


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Monday - Friday
8:00 - 16:00

service centre

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ČD Cargo Logistics