Loading directives

All required measures for loading and security of the goods in railway freight wagons are specified in UIC Loading Directives.  The directives should guarantee in particular the safety of operation and defect free transport of the respective goods.  Their goal is also the optimized method of location and security of the goods as regards the economical features. It is valid for the international railway transport performed by the railway companies within the COTIF Conventions, and also for domestic transport on the Czech Republic railways.

The loading directives UIC are divided into independent volumes.

1. Principles Volume

It contains all general principles which must be adhered to during the location and security of goods into the railway wagons. The valid text is available here.

2. Goods volume

It contains the loading information with brief summary of general principles from volume 1 Principles, the loading directives for specific types of goods and examples of loading in selected types of goods with potential deviations from the principles of volume 1. The valid text is available here, examples for loading are specified in Helpload application.

Those who are interested may order the original version of the Loading UIC Directives or the individual supplements also in the English, French, Italian or German version at the distributor of the UIC products - company ETF.

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Technical support

The loading directives cannot contain all circumstances which may occur during the loading of the goods. The solution of the problems related with the goods loading and security in railway wagons is subject tot he activity of a group of specialist of ČD Cargo, a.s. – the advisors for loading, who are prepared to help any time to all customers and employees in the matters of the goods loading method and damage prevention.

Contact for the loading advisors including the actual information related to the specified problem issues is available in application Helpload.


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