Order of a railway freight wagon

The first step in the transportation of a wagon consignment is the order of a railway freight wagon where the so-called "loading request" is used. The loading request is a form for ordering wagons provided by the carrier for future loading. It is used for the provision of the necessary transport capacity according to the requirements of the customer. The form of the "loading request" is available on these web pages as an xls or pdf file. This form can be provided to the customers also at the workplaces of the wagon managing clerks (according to the local conditions), it can be sent by e-mail or the customer can use the portal of ČD Cargo.

With effect from 1.1. 2020 for shipments to Switzerland and transit through Switzerland and valid from 13.12. 2020 for transport to Germany and transit through Germany, trucks must have so-called silent brake blocks. In these cases, the customer fills in the loading application in column 32 Silent car mode YES - code 1.


Sending the loading request by e-mail

The filled-in form of the loading request can be sent electronically by e-mail to the particular workplace according to the loading place where this workplace ensures its processing. Contact information on these workplaces.


Order of a railway freight wagon using the portal of ČD Cargo

The use of the electronic loading request is a free service and it is for registered users only.

The registration procedure for this type of order:

  1. The customer sends the filled-in e-mail application for registration.
  2. After verifying the correctness of the enter data the customer will be contacted by an authorized employee of ČD Cargo.
  3. The customer will be provided an appropriate login data.
  4. The customer will receive instructions to control the application.

Using the portal of ČD Cargo, the railway freight wagons can only be ordered at the earliest 31 days and no later than 5 days prior to the requested date of loading.


Order of a railway freight wagon by means of electronic data transmission

The orders can be submitted using exchange files between the information systems of customers and ČD Cargo. This method has its own specifics, and therefore can be implemented on the basis of a contract between the customer and ČD Cargo.

Using the portal ČD Cargo and the electronic data transmission it is not possible to cancel the loading request, to correct it or to call of the wagon etc. These situations can be solved only in cooperation with a wagon managing clerk and it is always necessary to evidence it in accordance with current legislation.

Files to download

Form - Application for wagon loading of a contractual holder

Form - Application for wagon loading of ČD Cargo