This includes all other transports - army deliveries, Czech mail post deliveries, extra large deliveries, transports of new produced railway wagons for testing, or e.g. the transport of glass bottles for České Budějovice Budvar.

The army transports are implemented for the Czech Republic Army, and also for the armies of other member states of North Atlantic Treaty Organization, using Czech training fields.   ČD Cargo also participated in the transports of Czech Republic Army from the Kosovo missions. The transports usually utilize special complete trains, and in some cases groups of wagons.  The transports are always subject to special regime.

The mail deliveries are completed overnight except for Sundays between Prague-Malešice and Ostrava (with handling procedures on the way in Pardubice and Olomouc) in special wagons of Czech Mail, which enable faster travel than common freight trains.  This system complete the rare transports of printed matters from Břeclav to Praha-Malešice for further mail distribution.

The extra large deliveries include in particular various machinery parts, shafts, generators, and similar, transported on special wagons, and commonly requiring special transport regime. 

New produced wagons from the production of Czech and foreign manufacturers are commonly transported for testing on the Railway circuit in Cerhenice, and also between individual production plants, in various states of processing.



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