Carriage conditions

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The contractual carriage conditions of ČD Cargo, a.s.

The efficiency from 21-Mar-2014

Change 14 efficiency from 1-Dec-2020

Major changes

  • amendment of the text on operation of "quiet" wagons,
  • specification of principles for the acceptance of consignments in groups of wagons,
  • amendment of provisions on calculation of carriage charges for an empty run of a non-provided wagon, which was not connected to a loaded run provided by the carrier ČD Cargo,
  • specification of the text on collection of amounts that are not caused by ČD Cargo, for example during loading defects or problems of late release of the loading yard.

Contractual transport conditions (SPP)


  1. Application form for loading
  2. Elektronic application form for loading
  3. The consignment note for inter-state carriage
  4. Statement of wagons
  5. Elektronic clearance of wagon deliveries
  6. Instructions for making complete powers of attorney
  7. Weight of the content of wagon deliveries
  8. Sealing railway wagons
  9. Handover note, return note
  10. The conditions for the carriage fee payment, charges, and amounts resulting from the business activities of the forwarder, and the settlement of accounted amounts
  11. Additional design
  12. The carriage order of exceptional deliveries
  13. Principles for announcing ZAN
  14. Measuring the radioactivity of wagon deliveries
  15. The table of special sale conditions
  16. Short-term vehicle hold
  17. Sender´s statement
  18. Protocol on technical inspection of vehicle
  19. "Ad hoc" trains



Special carriage conditions

The table of special sale conditions pdf, xls


Unified business-carriage conditions for rail sidings

Effective from od 1-Jul-2013

Unified business-carriage conditions for rail sidings (JOPP)


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