Currently, when the world is facing the solution of a significant question within the area of environmental policy, ČD Cargo is becoming an important player within the area of effective transport of various types of materials within the whole Europe.

Considering the aim to create effective transport within the whole European network it is necessary that ČD Cargo participates in the solution of various projects, which may introduce to the company extensive knowledge within the area of science, research, active employment politics, and other areas, not only within the railway transport.

Implementation of the projects in ČDC takes place in various areas, and the participation represents a great contribution to the company.  ČD Cargo in cooperation with various institutes, from the Czech Republic and abroad, participates in various projects focusing on increasing the quality of provided services and at the same time due to the projects, ČD Cargo is becoming more competitive in the European market of railway transport.

Support of the projects

ČD Cargo, during the creation and implementation of individual projects, tries to receive a support from various external sources, in particular the funds financed from the EU, but not limited to. ČD Cargo in these projects operates as an independent applicant, when the project is resolved by the ČDC employees from the beginning, and also as a partner within the consortium comprising of the Czech and International partners.

Projects financed from EU funds



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