Lease of railway freight and cistern wagons

The offer of lease and services

  • Lease of all series of railway freight and cistern wagons of ČD Cargo
  • The provision of wagon hire from other companies
  • The lease of operating and non-operating wagons for the purpose of using the storage area and storage
  • Advisory and consulting activities within the area of wagons

The main advantages of the wagon hire

  • The leased wagon must not be returned cleaned after each unloading
  • The lessee pays automatically reduced freight on ČD railways
  • The lessee must not pay any charges for stand offs and wagon standing
  • The lessee has an option of better inspection of the runs of the loaded and empty wagon (e.g. from logistic reasons)
  • The option of using the wagon for other purposes than the transport of goods (e.g. storage, shunting on spur-line, filming, etc.)


The price for the wagon lease is contractual


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