Building materials

This commodity is dominated by the transports of bulk substrates, such as cements, desulphurization calcite, gravel and glasswork sand; the distribution of building materials and materials for smaller recipients is more of a marginal matter.

The most recognized customer is ČEZ, then for example Českomoravský cement, Lime works Vápenka Čertovy schody, Kotouč Štramberk, and Cement Hranice.

The building components (concrete parts) are transported for example from Goldbeck in Vrdy near Čáslav to German recipients.

Transportation of construction materials for closures

Transportation of waste

In connection with extensive closure activities which will take place in the upcoming years in the railway network SŽDC, ČD Cargo prepared an offer for its customers.

Railway transportation

  • forward transport of gravel in special wagons, series Ua (Dumpcar), special wagons, type Chopper (wagons with controlled emptying) or in hopper wagons, series Faccs to the place of the closure works;
  • forward transport in containers Innofreight suitable for the removal of rubble, excavated soil etc.;
  • forward transport of rails, concrete sleepers and other construction materials;
  • forward transport of special construction machinery.

Other services

  • provision of gravel unloading from special wagons in the place of closure activities;
  • provision of a locomotive, including the engine driver and the manager of shift works for enclosure activities and activities of grinding units;
  • provision of workers to manage the order on the excluded track;
  • provision of the deposition of soil.


  • Železničné stavby, a.s. Košice, INTERPORT spedition, s.r.o., Skanska a.s., OHL ŽS, a.s., Strabag Rail a.s., GJW Praha spol. s r.o., TOMI-REMONT a.s.
  • reconstruction of the railway junction in Brno, sanitation of facilities in Karlove Vary, double tracking of the railway line Pardubice - Hradec Králové, modernization of the junction Český Těšín, grinding of rails on the railway lines of the Ostrava and Brno Regions


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