Tariff ČD Cargo, a.s.

Year 2022

Effective from 01-Jan-2022

Major changes compared to 2021

  • values in the tables of carriage charges are increased by 10 %;
  • values of charges representing 15 minutes of a supplier’s employee are increased from 145 CZK to 155 CZK, including related fees;
  • siding charge is adjusted from 190 CZK to 200 CZK (for the first km) and from 290 CZK to 300 CZK (for every other km); charges for shunting at sidings are increased from 740 CZK to 760 CZK, other siding charges are increased by 5%;
  • values of other charges (with exception of wagon stay, basic wagon delay and charges of a sanction nature) are increased mostly by 5 %.

Effective from 01-Apr-2022 - amendment No. 1

  • The subject of this Amendment is cancellation of the Ancillary Charge PD 80.11 for railway station Mimoň.

Effective from 15-Apr-2022 - amendment No. 2

  • The subject of the Amendment is adjustment of the values of certain Ancillary Charges in the customs domain (PD 40, 42 and 45).

Effective from 1-May-2022 - amendment No. 3

  • The subject of the Amendment No. 3 to the Tariff 2022 (TVZ) is the projection of the increase in energy and fuel prices into the prices specified by the carrier ČD Cargo (PD 27.01)


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