Project program „Upgrade IS"

Name of the project: Upgrade of information system ČD Cargo, a.s. in relation to TSI-TAF
Project registry number: CZ 1.01/1.2.00/12.0287

Basic information on the project program

The project program is implemented within the Operating Program Transport (OPD), priority axis 1 – „Modernizing of the railway network TEN-T", sub-program 2 – „The provision of Interoperability on the existing railway routes, the provision of compliance with the technical Specification for Interoperability (TSI) and the development of telematic systems". Total eligible expenses area 117,000,000 CZK. The finances received in co-financing of the project program from the public support equal to the half of total eligible expenses, i.e.  58,500,000 CZK. The project implementation will take place before December 2014. The project program aims to fulfil the total of 10 areas of the function and technological specifications of subsystem TSI-TAF in relation to the new requirements occurred lately in the TSI-TAF area (in particular the EC Directive no. 328/2012, from 17. 4. 2012).

Project program specification

ČD Cargo continually builds, i.e. adjusts the information systems in such way the processes and functions are provided as required by TSI-TAF. Their complete fulfilment (including the updated version TSI-TAF) will be upgraded within the project Upgrade IS. The requirements TSI-TAF will be implemented in compliance with the changes and technical specification, processed within the European plan for the implementation and/or issued by the European Railway Agency (ERA).

The project program is implemented in several following steps.  The first step is the analysis used for the preparation of partial implementation projects.  Then the implementation projects compete in compliance with the Act on Public orders (in case of over-limit public orders) and in compliance with OPD rules.  In the next step, individual implementation projects are implemented.  Successful implementation of the projects enables the final implementation of Upgrade IS as a unified project program which covers all implementation processes.

The project program includes the changes of ČD Cargo processes which relates to the changes of the information systems.  New services and procedures will be implemented in all areas of the information systems, for internal customers and for final customers.

The implementation projects

The project program comprises of many implementation projects focusing on the standardization and automation of the relations between the railway companies and operators of the infrastructure including the provision of quality data exchange within EU.  The implementation projects include:

DISC – module KANGO

The project implementation will include the development of online communication with the systems of the infrastructure administrator (SŽDC) for long-term order GVD. System DISC will newly communicate the system KANGO (system for long lasting GVD, which owns SŽDC) and the relation to RME PCS is also expected.

DISC – module Prognosis

Subject matter of the project is the extension of the dispatch control system, in particular the communication with other infrastructure administrators, the use of data on the prognosis of train travel and on interruptions. The model creating function will also be created.

PRIS – module Optimizing

Subject matter of the project is the extension of the operating system with the relation from GPPS, the preparation and assembly of a train based on the travel prognosis and movement of wagons abroad.

ICAR – optimizing data

During the project program Upgrade IS, the expected functions of DISC and PRIS will include the extension of data structure and data storage with further attributes for the operating objects in order to enable higher efficiency of the activities of the transport provider.  It will include for example data collection on completed infrastructure restrictions and on accepted prognosis of the infrastructure operator. 


So far the new system for the administration and registration of data on freight wagons was created. The project includes the solution for extending the database in such way to ensure compatibility with the project WIMO (Wagon and Intermodal Operations Database).

Dials of European Networks and Handling Locations

The project subject matter is the overhaul of the existing dials and their completion as required by new modules integrated within the Upgrade IS project.  It includes in particular the extension of the existing dial with new attributes, e.g. technical equipment of the station, spur-line operator, length and location of the rails, etc.

EISOD – adjustment of the processes affected by project Upgrade IS

The project subject matter is a comprehensive review of the process documentation of the selected key processes related with new information systems affected by the project program, the proposal of the ČD Cargo process module design considering the function and technical requirements of the projects within Upgrade IS and its validation.

Management of the program office for the project Upgrade IS

The subject matter of the project is the security of the program office and services of the program manager, the security of the project manager role, control, and coordination of migration, control and coordination of integration and control, and testing coordination.

IS architecture within project Upgrade IS

The project subject matter is the material coordination of individual implementation projects Upgrade IS, the control of relations between individual systems and projects including the proposal of solution within the disputable points or the provision of required inputs, and participation in the control of the project dependencies.

Adjustment of other systems

Subject matter of the project is the amendment of IS MIMOZA (relation to IM – more accurate bypass), CVA (relation to PRIS – module Optimizing and TMS), APS (concrete shift work arrival by employees, relation to DISC – module Prognosis), CNP (relation with TMS – handing over the selected data on the delivery) and B2B (extended data provision for the customers) in relation to the project program implementation.

ESB – implementation of the integration packages

The project subject matter is the implementation of the integration packages related with new information systems included in the project Upgrade IS, which enables the connection with the existing individual applications covering the requirements of ČD Cargo within the areas of business and operation.  The project includes the purchase of license CI.

TMS – module ETI/ETA

Subject matter of the project is stricter reporting ETI, ETA during accepting and handing over trains to other forwarders, and the adjustment and extension of the module with electronic consignment note which can be used both for domestic and international transports.

PDA – implementation of the wagon handover to the handling locations

The project implementation will result in the application adjustment for data collection in the railways in relation with the knowledge of the specific location for performing the activity, registry of real handing over and accepting processes, extension of data with information on expected handover of the wagon or delivery.

ÚDIV – module Optimizing

The projects assume the adjustment of the system by creating the relation to PRIS, using data on the prognosis of the train travel, which affects time for shunting an empty wagon for loading.  At the same time the use of extended data on the wagon position is expected.



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