Rail sidings operations

The operation on the rail sidings is subject to Act no. 266/1994 Coll. on railways and related decrees. The joint stock company ČD Cargo has issued Unified business-transport conditions for the spur lines in order to adjust the transport-legal relations during the fulfilment of the transport requirements within the area of transporting the wagon deliveries to/from the rail sidings (mutual handover of the wagons, transfer of the wagons, operation technology, monitoring the stay on the rail sidings, local transfers).

Within the area of rail sidings services, ČD Cargo a.s. offers

Processing the technology of the rail sidings operation (including the consulting during the rail sidings designing)

The operation of the railway transport on the rail sidings;

  • Make wagons available / remove them to/ from the rail sidings,
  • Providing the shunting on the rail sidings,
  • The shunting of vehicles prior to making the rail sidings available,

consulting activity.


If the owner of the spur line is interested the railway transport was operated by joint stock company ČD Cargo, it is necessary to issue a valid official permission for the respective rail sidings.

The rail sidings operator must ensure:

  • Conclusion of a contract on the contact of mutually connected railways with the operators of the adjacent railways.
  • Conclusion of contract on the operation of the railway transport on the rail sidings with all operators of the railway transport on the rail sidings.

The owner of the rail sidings or the pre-approved user (lessee) of the rail sidings must conclude with ČD Cargo a contract on business and transport conditions on the rail sidings – this contract specifies the concrete conditions for the wagon provisions and shunting including the handover and their price, and the price for performed tasks.


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