Committee for audit

The Audit Committee within its competence monitors the process for completing the final accounts and consolidated final accounts, within this matter the Audit Committee also monitors the integrity of financial information provided to the company, in particular by reviewing the consistence and suitability of the accounting methods used in the company, it evaluates the effectiveness of the company inspection, internal audit, and potentially the risk management systems.

Within this matter, the audit committee also verifies and evaluates at least once a year the internal inspection systems, internal audit and risk management, considering the assurance that the main risks of the company are appropriately identified and controlled, and also submits to Board of Directors and Supervisory Board the recommendation considering the matters related to the internal audit and support the effectiveness of internal audit functioning.

Audit Committee Chairman  Mgr. Oldřich Vojíř, Ph.D.
Date of birth: 13.8.1961
Residence: Průběžná 3142, 434 01 Most
Date of appointment: 24.2.2020
Date of membership: 17.12.2019
Audit Committee Member Ing. Libor Joukl
Date of birth: 24.2.1962
Residence: Za Kovářským rybníkem 270, 149 00 Praha 4
Date of membership: 17.12.2019
Audit Committee Member Ing. Miroslav Zámečník
Date of birth: 21.6.1966
Residence: Ronovská 784, 582 22 Přibyslav
Date of membership: 17.12.2019



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