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Customer service Centre ČD Cargo

On January 1, 2016, CD Cargo Customer Centre initiated its activity. There were several reasons for setting up such a specialized workplace; the main was the need for a change in the way of communication with customers. In 2015, the operation was mostly affected by exclusion activity; also the number of trains that do not operate in the planned capacity had increased significantly. Following these facts, the Customer Centre allows combining the requirements of customers and the possibilities of CD Cargo, improving customer knowledge regarding the course of transports and, in close future, it will become the main communication channel for customers.



Customer Centre dispatching: +420 725 957 735


The Customer Centre is divided by the commodities transported

Ing. Brigita Břenková (Iron, Black coal)
Brigita.Brenkova@cdcargo.cz Tel.: +420 724 892 107

Jana Foltová (Brown coal, Construction material)
Jana.Foltova@cdcargo.cz Tel.: +420 724 934 315

Bc. David Hurta (Combined transport)
David.Hurta@cdcargo.cz Tel.: +420 725 719 941

Alena Marková (Wood, Beets, Foodstuffs)
alena.markova@cdcargo.cz Tel.: +420 725 562 582

Lubomír Ohanka (Chemical products, Grain)
Lubomir.Ohanka@cdcargo.cz Tel.: +420 720 958 310

Ing. Róbert Matis (Automotive)
Robert.Matis@cdcargo.cz Tel.: +420 725 423 907



+420 972 242 255

Monday - Friday
8:00 - 16:00

service centre


Monday - Friday
7:00 - 18:00


ČD Cargo Logistics