Iron and machinery industry products

This commodity comprises of three basic groups: Iron ore, metal waste, and metallurgical semi-finished products and products. Machinery products are currently included in the new occurred commodity Automtotive and potentially Other.

Iron ores are imported into the ironworks in Ostravska region (ArcelorMittal, Třinec Ironworks), in particular from Russia, at lower scope from other deposits and sources.  Metal waste is collected from minor and larger re-purchasers and processors into the Czech and foreign ironworks (in Germany, Italy, and Austria).  The ironworks products and semi-finished products are transported between various production plants for further processing – it includes for example the ingot transport from Třince to Kladno-Dubí – and to final customers.  The transports from the Czech and foreign producers include many types, for example the railways from Třinec, shipping sheet metal from Evraz Vítkovice, various semi-finished products from Ostrava ArcelorMittal and Slovakian US Steel Košice and other. A significant segment includes the transport of sheet metal coils for automatic industry from the Czech and foreign (including overseas) manufacturers.

Iron ores are transported in complete trains, loaded commonly on broad-gauge reloading station.  On the other hand, metal waste is collected almost solely by means of wagon deliveries, the complete trains are dispatched solely in rare cases between the large processors of metal waste and ironworks.  The ironworks products are transported by both systems.



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