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Year 2022 – one of the toughest in the company's history

ČD Cargo, a.s., the largest domestic rail freight carrier and the most important subsidiary of České dráhy, a.s., realized profit before tax according to International Accounting Standards (IFRS) of CZK 233 million for 2022. This is a one-fifth lower profit year-on-year.

The freight segment consisting of the consolidated results of ČD Cargo and its subsidiaries thus contributed profit (after tax) of CZK 209 million into the consolidated results of the ČD Group.

In 2022, the ČD Cargo Group transported a total of 64.2 million tonnes of goods on its own license, which is by 1.4 million tonnes more than in the previous year. Not only did performance on the domestic rail transport market increase, but expansion abroad also continued on markets where ČD Cargo is already actively operating in Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and has begun offering its services in Croatia.

"ČD Cargo has had a very difficult year. In addition to the dramatic increase in energy prices and almost all costs, we had to cope with a decline in the volume of many transported commodities due to the lower performance of some industries," says Tomáš Tóth, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČD Cargo, a.s., who further specifies: "On the other hand, demand for lignite increased significantly due to the unfavorable energy situation in Europe and fuel transport also developed positively, which offset the decline in other commodities. However, it was very difficult and costly to secure sufficient capacity for these transports. I am pleased we have managed to do this and have contributed to securing the supply of energy and heat for households and businesses. ČD Cargo Group's results were also positively affected by the record volume of international transports which exceeded 10 million tonnes for the first time in the company’s history."

Despite extreme increases in energy prices, fuel, materials and investment supplies, interest costs and other purchased services which had a negative impact on the financial results, the carrier managed to generate a good result. More on this by Tomáš Tóth:

"Rising input prices were with us throughout the year, and as a result, we repeatedly found ourselves in a very complicated economic situation. Rail freight transport is a very low margin service on a fully competitive transport market. Unpredictable and in the order of tens of per cent higher costs were thus threatening the company's economy and stability. It must be said with great humility that we could not have managed the situation without repeatedly adjusting realization prices for our customers. I am all the more appreciative that, despite complicated negotiations, we were able to find a way to increase prices before the end of last year. The completion of the notification of the Act on the promotion of selected sources of electricity and the exemption of rail transport in electric traction from the POZE at the end of the year also helped to maintain the positive economic result.

Maintaining at least a reasonable level of profit each year is absolutely crucial for us. Without this, we would not be able to invest adequately in modernization and renewal of our fleet of freight wagons and locomotives, which would jeopardize the scope of our services in the near future. I am all the more pleased that we made it through the last year and are now fully focused on the same task in 2023," concludes the Chairman of the Board of Directors.


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