Custom services

ČD Cargo, a. s., by means of its customs representatives located in individual operating plants in the Czech Republic, provides its customers with comprehensive customs control in all types of transport including the contact with the state administration bodies.

Provided services

Issuing the customs documents

  • Unified administration document (JSD), Import document (DD) including all annexes
  • Transit accompanying record (TDD) – by means of system NCTS
  • Export accompanying record (VDD) – by means of system ECS
  • General customs declaration
  • The certification of origin and the status of the goods (EUR.1, A.TR etc.)
  • Carnet TIR
  • International bill of lading CIM, CMR
  • Other documents submitted within the customs proceedings

Representation during the customs proceedings

The customs proceedings by means of simplified procedures

The provision of customs debt settlement based on a contract

  • For the transit mode
  • For other operation than the transit mode


  • The complete processing and dispatch of statistic report  INTRASTAT in electronic form for the respective customs office
  • The representation of the press unit
  • Common advisory

Temporary warehouse

  • We offer storage of goods including the registration in the temporary warehouse Lovosice.

Further services and activities

  • The filing and organization of applications to the respective customs office
  • Settlement of incomplete transit regimes
  • Consulting within the area of customs services
  • Participation in the pilot programs
  • Setting the efficient use of simplified procedures
  • Interpretation of TARIC conditions
  • Corrective measures of the issued decisions in the customs proceedings
  • Binding information on the origin of goods, the rate classification of goods
  • The calculation of the customs debt
  • Classification of goods into the joint customs rate of EU
  • Consulting activities as regards the customs regulations of EU for the import and export of goods, commodity analysis

Trends in the customs proceedings

ČD Cargo, a. s., is actively involved in the new directions and systems within the customs proceedings a adopts them.

  • Electronic communication with the customs offices
  • Electronic customs proceedings in the transit, export, and import by means of systems NCTS, ECS and AIS at all workplaces
  • Approved economical subject - AEO
  • Centralized customs control (the option of releasing goods into the customs regime at a different customs office than subject to the goods submission)

Certification AEO

On 23. 09. 2009 ČD Cargo, a. s., received the certification of AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) – Simplified customs procedures/ safety and security (AEOF).

Advantages resulting from the award of AEO certification:

  • Simpler access to customs simplifications
  • The option of reducing the number of data in the comprehensive customs declaration
  • The allowances in relation to the physical and record inspections
  • Performance of the preferential inspection made based on the risk analysis
  • The option to apply for performing the inspection in a specific location.
  • Preferential clearance at the customs office

The award of AEO certification increased the prestige of ČD Cargo, a. s., as regards the customs and security bodies and the companies from the third countries, because based on bilateral contracts between the third countries and the EU, the AEO certification will be recognized in the third countries (actually the USA, China, and Japan).



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