Maintenance and repairs of railway vehicles

Maintenance and repairs of the railway vehicles in ČD Cargo are provided by the department of maintenance and repairs of the railway vehicles

The main activities are related with the railway vehicles, in particular

  • The control and maintenance provision, and the repairs of the railway motor vehicles and pulled railway vehicles
  • The state improvement and equipment of the motor railway vehicles in compliance with the required safety standards
  • The provision of repair work at higher levels of the motor vehicles and pulled wagons
  • The provision of product range of operable motor vehicles as required by the business section of ČD Cargo
  • The provision of freight wagon repairs for other wagon owners as required by international contracts
  • The provision of standardized and regulated activities, the approval control for new and modernized railway wagons
  • The provision of radio-operation within the whole ČD Cargo
  • The maintenance of quality system for the repair centres of railway wagons, negotiations with the Railway Office of the Czech Republic and other state offices and institutes
  • The provision of fulfilling the legislation obligations related with the tangible and intangible property of ČD Cargo
  • The process control within ecology, defectoscopy, welding, metrology, and fire protection

Our own maintenance and repairs of the railway wagons are performed in individual repair shops for the railway wagons which are associated in the Repair centres of the railway wagons (SOKV Ostrava, SOKV Ústí nad Labem, SOKV České Budějovice).

SOKV perform the maintenance and repairs of railway wagons of ČD Cargo, and also the repairs of railway wagons of external customers, and other services as per the technological equipment of the workplaces.


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