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Delivery of the Sgnss series wagons
In these days, the first wagon of the new 60’ Sgnss series designed for the transport of Innofreight containers and superstructures has arrived at the railway station Praha-Libeň. Other delivered...
Changes in the company ČD Logistics
Last year, ČD Cargo became a 100% owner of the company ČD Logistics, one of the most important forwarding providers on the Czech market. This January brought two more significant changes. The new...
Panels to Villach with ČD Cargo
On the evening of January 20, a complete train loaded with panels left the Czech Republic at the border crossing station Horní Dvořiště and headed to Villach via Linz and Selzthal. The...
Trial loading of sheet metal coils
On 9 January 2019, a trial loading of sheet metal coils into Innofreight prototypes called Coilpalette P28 on the Sggrrs wagon was carried out on the Arcelor Mittal Ostrava´s siding. Up to 6...
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ČD Cargo

It offers the transport of a wide array of goods ranging from raw materials to products with a high added value, transport of containers, special consignment, rental of railway wagons, railway siding services, and other transport services.