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Humanitarian aid to Ukraine
At the end of 2022, ČD Cargo, in close cooperation with its subsidiary ČD Cargo Logistics, ensured the transport of six covered wagons with humanitarian aid - power plants and room heaters - to...
New version of the ČDCgo application
A new version of the ČDCgo application is available from 21 December 2022. We have added several features and improvements. Next to the overview of orders was added an overview of wagons in...
Stávka v Rakousku
Z důvodu stávky rakouských železničářů bude 28 listopadu 2022 zastavena vlaková doprava v Rakousku. Předpokládaná doba trvání stávky je 24 hodin. Za vzniklé komplikace se omlouváme.
Disable access from Internet Explorer
From 30.11.2022 access to the ČD Cargo portal through the unsecured TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 protocols will be disabled. This means that it will not be possible to log in to the ČD Cargo portal through...
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ČD Cargo Logistics

ČD Cargo

It offers the transport of a wide array of goods ranging from raw materials to products with a high added value, transport of containers, special consignment, rental of railway wagons, railway siding services, and other transport services.