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Prodej zbytného majetku
ČD Cargo vyhlásilo výběrové řízení na prodej zbytného majetku (železničních kolejových vozidel). Jedná se o 5 osobních vozů řady Bc a celkem 9 lokomotiv různých řad. Bližší podrobnosti naleznete...
Change of Contractual transport conditions
Effective from 1 January 2020, the joint-stock company ČD Cargo publishes the full wording of its Contractual transport conditions (SPP), as amended by Amendment 11. The subject of the ...
Transport of a transformer to Mochov
This autumn, cooperation with the company Felbermayr Transport- und Hebetechnik, for which we provide transport of heavy transformers, deepened again. For example, on November 28, a 206...
Introduction of the new TRAXX locomotives
On 21 November 2019, the management of ČD Cargo had the opportunity to see the first two new locomotives TRAXX MS 3 in Kassel, Germany. The locomotives are part of a purchase agreement signed in...
ČD Cargo at the fair in China
As part of a long-term commitment to the One Belt - One Road project, ČD Cargo and ČD Cargo Logistics representatives participated in the China Chengdu International Supply Chain and Smart...
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ČD Cargo Logistics

ČD Cargo

It offers the transport of a wide array of goods ranging from raw materials to products with a high added value, transport of containers, special consignment, rental of railway wagons, railway siding services, and other transport services.