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TRAXX locomotives on ČD Cargo freight trains
On July 2, 2020, the historically first service of locomotive 388.002 on a regular ČD Cargo freight train took place. It was a turnaround of Pn 62012/62013 Ostrava – Česká Třebová – Ostrava and it...
TBZ in Hungary
All four locomotives of the series 753.6 ČD Cargo have already realized their technical and safety runs in Hungary, specifically on the section Komárom – Győrszentiván in both directions. The...
ČD Cargo on its own license in Slovakia
On 20 June 2020 Slovakia became another country in which ČD Cargo carries out transports on its own license. At 2:30, a train with LKW Walter semi-trailers crossed the state border at Lanžhot,...
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ČD Cargo Logistics

ČD Cargo

It offers the transport of a wide array of goods ranging from raw materials to products with a high added value, transport of containers, special consignment, rental of railway wagons, railway siding services, and other transport services.