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There is always something going on, on the railway. This is the place where you can find the most recent information not only about what is happening in our company CD Cargo, but also various interesting affairs taking place on the traffic market, and other.

New containers arrived at Obrnice
On 1st of August 2018, a twenty-wagon block train with fifty new containers intended for company UPLINE arrived at station Obrnice. The containers were made in Italy. From the Cherasco...
Bond issue of ČD Cargo company
On 20 July 2018, ČD Cargo issued bonds with a total nominal value of CZK 1 billion, with an issue rate of 100% of the nominal value of the bonds, maturity of 7 years and a fixed interest yield...
Army on railway
In the second week of July, ČD Cargo provided transport of troop and military equipment from Podbořany to Lithuania for a half-year mission. Members of the Enforced Forward Presence...
Sludges again on the track
In the middle of April this year the pilot transport of sludges from the redeveloped lagoons in Ostrava (the former Ostramo plant) took place. The purpose of the redevelopment works in this...


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