Specific education of internal lecturers and employees of – CD Cargo's information system users

The project is co-funded from the resources of ESF and the Ministry of Industry & Trade.
Implementation period: March 2011 - October 2012
Project budget: CZK 10,184,044.08
Grant from the funds of ESF and state budget: CZK 2,546,011.02; 1.636 employees - CD Cargo's information system users

The aim of the project is training of the operating employees, and creation of a concept of education in the area of information system that are used in the operational section of the company.  Integral part is also creation of two electronic courses that will adequately complement the attendance training of employees.

The content of the project is creation of an educational system for rare information systems used across CD Cargo, such as DISC – operative management system, APS - system for registering the attendance of operating employees, EROZA - system interface for communication with customers, etc. Operating employees will be trained by internal lecturers selected from CD Cargo employees that are responsible for the administration and management of individual information systems.

Besides the education in the area of operational information systems, the project will offer a possibility to get familiar with the CD Cargo's application portal. It is a database environment created primarily for the needs of the company.

Last but not lease, internal SAP lecturers will get trained that will get knowledge in the sphere of using specific CD-Cargo-tailor-made SAP tools.

The content of two e-learning courses will focus on both the operational area and the application portal area. Both lessons will include a simulation software, user manual or trainings to be used by employee to test data entry.
The activities of the project are focused mostly on specific education that is intended to be utilized only for a selected group of CD Cargo, a.s. employees.


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